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Dental Work at Rates That Work for Your Budget

Spend less for more tooth health and wellness at Family Dentistry. Your loved ones' smiles are healthier and more attractive with quality root canals, porcelain crowns, and other dental work from our office in Austin, Texas. Stop by our dental office today for an initial exam of your teeth.

Porcelain Crowns
When cracks start to appear in your teeth, it's time for porcelain crowns. They act like football helmets, covering and protecting broken teeth from suffering further damage.

The price of $720 to $840 per crown is not high when you consider that our crowns are made to last. In fact, our porcelain crowns come with a lifetime guarantee that your crown will not decay, which makes our dental work a sound investment.

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Root Canals
Do you feel pain and swelling near a tooth? You may need a root canal. This procedure involves cleaning out a tooth and packing the empty area with a rubbery material and cement that keep bacteria away. We recommend a root canal when you have constant pain in your teeth. Prices for root canals range from $640 to $840.

Gum Treatments
Gum and tooth health go hand in hand. To ensure your gums don't cause tooth damage, we provide gum treatments.

First, we numb you with Novocain™ and then go below the gum line with special instruments to clean and sand surfaces. We recommend this procedure to be done only once—after that, we see you every 6 months for regular cleaning.

Decaying or decayed teeth need immediate attention. Our fillings include cleaning away decay and medicating your tooth. We then finish your treatment with a porcelain filling and by replacing missing structure and tissue.

Teeth straighten faster with our Invisalign® service. We use a computer to scan your teeth and correct them using a virtual application. Based on the virtualization, we're able to deliver a special tray that gets changed every 2 weeks until your teeth are in their correct position.

Bite into more health and wellness for your teeth and gums when you come to our dental office.